Thursday, January 24, 2008

Things most people don't know about me

I have trouble falling asleep at night
I love the smell of honey
I get scared about silly things
I almost exclusively fall in love with people who are unavailable, emotionally or otherwise
I try my hardest to make people think I'm not trying too hard
I take pride in how intelligent I am, but downplay my intelligence any time anyone tries to acknowledge it
Sarcasm's my defense mechanism
My favorite food is pasta with pesto
I talk to my dog and my fish
I get unhappy when I can't listen to music for an extended period of time
I feel guilty about EVERYTHING
I'm crazy about someone who had a crush on me two years ago, but is dating someone else
I want to be in a decent, low-maintenence relationship with someone I legitimately like
My earliest memories are of dancing around with my mother in the basement to Michael Jackson, Midge Ure, and early Goo Goo Dolls
I used to hate being pale, but now I think it makes me look classy
I'm conflicted about growing my hair out
I have very few friends my own age. Everyone I'm really close to is older than I am
I love to write but rarely do it
I'm emotionally reserved
I act more dramatic than I am
I love my dog Buster more than anything else in the world