Sunday, December 21, 2008

So, about that...

I never really did write on here, did I? I suppose I could have used the literary exercise; my essays weren't good enough to get me into my first choice college. I simply got deferred, or, as I like to call it, rejected in slow motion. Deferral is one of the single-most frustrating circumstances, especially when you're lounging in application purgatory while all of your friends are getting acceptance letters from their favorite colleges. I know I sound bitter and cranky here, but I'm really not. I'm unbelievably happy for my friends, f'reals.

I just got home from babysitting and I made more in one night than I did in two weeks of waitressing. I need a new job.

I'm already on winter break, praise jeebus, and I've pretty much just been hanging out with my friends who are home from their respective universities. I needed a break from all of my high school bullshit, and they've been a welcome one.

Damn this entry is boring and self-involved. I'll try to be less of a dickbag on here from now on.