Thursday, February 19, 2009

On instant messenger, my friend and I were talking about that dude with two dicks. Then we were talking about how important it is to have a sense of serious as opposed to a sense of humor. This conversation followed:

Me: stop laughing. you have such a shitty sense of serious
Him: I am sorry.
Me: Thank you.
Him: That is a serious issue.
Me: It is. I don't appreciate you taking it so lightly.
Him: You should not use the word "don't." It is not serious enough.
Me: Fuck you.
I am so serious.
Him: I have strong hatred against you.
Me: You are a raging dickwad. I do not understand why we are friends.
Him: Go stuff a double-dick up your anus.
Me: I do not want your sloppy seconds.

That's probably only funny to the people involved, but I wanted to remember that it occurred.

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